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At Eyeconic Marketing Solution, we understand the importance of keeping marketing costs low while you grow your company. Businesses are making text message marketing their latest tool for engaging the customers. Hence, we provide our clients with the best platform for text message marketing and text message automation features at the best prices. Text messages have extraordinary open rates and can get your message across fast. Unlock the power of text messages for your business growth today!

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Text Message Marketing Benefits

1. Easy to Setup & Use

2. Cost Effective

3. Ease Your Workload

4. Web Based Tools

5. Intelligent Automation

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Text Messaging Features

Auto Responder: When a customer opts-in to your campaign, they will instantly be sent back an auto-reply message. This auto response can be changed at any time to include a welcome message, coupon or promotions.

Alternate Message: If a customer tries to re-opt in to the service after having already been opted-in, an alternate message can be sent to them in place of the default auto-responder. This prevents duplicate coupon use.

Age Verification: This feature requires the contact to enter their birth date before they can opt-in to a keyword. Great for age-restricted products and services.

2-Way Messaging: Respond directly to your customers one-on-one from your TXT180 inbox. Replies from a message sent to a group are not seen by anyone in the group, they come in as an individual message to your Inbox. See the entire message thread for that number in a user-friendly cell-phone-like interface.

Drip Messages: In addition to the default auto-responder sent on first opt-in, a series of drip messages can be scheduled to be sent at specified intervals from when the subscriber opted-in such as 5 days after initial opt-in.

Text Message Scheduler: Our unique scheduler allows you to schedule your campaigns to go out daily, weekly or monthly to save you time.

Text 2 Win: One of the quickest ways to gain opt-ins, text 2 win helps motivate customers to join your SMS marketing campaign. Simply set up a campaign to entice customers to opt-in for a chance to win something.

Random Select Winner: If you’ve set up a Text 2 Win campaign you can use this feature to randomly select a number of subscribers from your contacts to deem as winners and send a winning text message to them!

Text 2 Vote: Set up a voting campaign where subscribers can text in to cast a vote! Our support staff can help you set this up!

Text 4 Info: Text 4 Info is a limited account option where opt-ins will only receive the auto-responder message but not be opted in to receive future SMS messages.

SMS Marketing Stats

  • 98%of text are opened
  • 90%of text are opened within 3 Minutes
  • The average person checks their phone 150 times per day
  • 70% of consumers say that they would like to receive offers via text

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Popular Text Messages Marketing Use Cases

Mobile Coupons

Get a better ROI and increase traffic, with SMS coupons getting 10x the rate of redemption vs print coupons.

Slow Day Marketing

Have a slow day? Send out a special offer quickly via bulk messaging to transform those slow days into profitable days.

Daily Devotionals

Send your daily message to your contacts and stay connected in minutes using group messaging.

Daily Specials

Will you have something special for the day? Improve response with a quick bulk text letting your customers know!

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