How Text Messages Marketing in Louisiana can help Your Business

June 9, 2020, 0 Comments

How Text Messages Marketing in Louisiana can help Your Business

The means and ways of marketing are becoming more and more varied with the ever-changing attitude of the clientele or the target audience. With greater dependence on digital marketing, it becomes pertinent that you as a business owner focus on different means of digital marketing. While many focus upon creating a catchy website and on search engine optimization, we often forget the easiest way to reach our target audience. This is where the concept of text message marketing comes into the picture.

Think from a client’s point of view, while one may find it weary to keep going to a website to check for updates from their favorite brands, a text message is the best way to make them feel involved with your business.

Communication with its customers takes any business a long way. And with text messages, this becomes extremely easy. A text message is the easiest way of making sure that you are connected to your clients. It also serves a great means of keeping them in touch with all the developments that you undertake. Many brands today have invested in text message marketing and it has really changed the volume of footfall that is attracted to their services or products. With your customer actively receiving information about your business, there is no way that their interest will lean towards any other brand.

We at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions recognize your aspiration to market your brand properly in Louisiana and in a way that yields the most results. To the same end, we have prepared this post to apprise you with all the details revolving around Text Message Marketing. So, if you have any doubts, concerns, or questions about Text Message Marketing for your business, make sure you keep reading on.

What is Text Message Marketing?

This is a type of digital marketing wherein you as a product or service provider send coupons, special deals, information about current events, announcements, and other essential information to your customers via an SMS or a text message. This type of marketing is very efficient and at the same time; quick, simple, cheap, and a direct means of reaching your customer.

We at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions understand the desire of businesses located in Louisiana and outside wherein business owners wish to make sure that the money invested in marketing is optimum and yields proper results. Text Messages serves that very purpose. It is an up and coming marketing tool that serves two main purposes. Firstly, it keeps a bridge of constant communication between the customer and you thus etching your brand image in their minds and second, that they are constantly filled with newer developments. Thus, it creates a notice board that keeps the clientele informed about the various developments and projects undertaken by the brand.

So, as you can imagine this technique of marketing also has many fold benefits which we at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions feel are necessary to bring to your knowledge before you invest your funds into this type of marketing.

Advantages of Text Message Marketing

If you are a business owner in Louisiana or for that matter even outside this area, you should only invest in text message marketing if these advantages agree with you and your business.

1. Internet-Based Tools

2. Less workload

3. Smart Automation

4. Easy to Setup

5. Cost Effective

Text Message Features

1. Drip Messages is a feature that allows you to schedule a message to be sent at regular intervals after someone opt-ins

2. Features such as text to win in case you have conducted a lucky draw or similar contests to keep the clients interested

3. The auto responding feature allows the customer to choose to receive these messages and once they do this feature sends an automated reply to them.

4. Sending alternate messages is a feature that comes into play if the customer tries to re-opt in a service

5. Features which allow voting via texts

6. Features which allow information to be shared

7. Verifying age allows you to verify the age of the client before they can opt-in providing you great stats that will help you develop your product or service.

8. Two Way Messaging allows that you respond to your client’s one-to-one from your inbox.

9. Features which select winners at random

10. Feature to schedule a text message that enables you to send messages daily, monthly, weekly, etc as you desire.

Why should you use Text Message Marketing?

Well, after reading the advantages and the features of text message marketing we are sure that you as business owners in Lousiana are now rest assured about this feature of digital marketing. So now this brings us to the next part of our article where we will further quench your doubts about this mode of marketing by telling you why you must choose text message marketing.

For starters, 98% of text messages are always opened, which means that once you send a message even a disinterested client will at least be impacted by the same. Secondly, 90% text messages which are sent are opened within 3 minutes which means that this also allows for a quick and efficient way to market your product or services. This on top of the fact that an average person opens their phone at least 150 times per day also makes increases your chance of reaching a wider audience. Finally, customers themselves prefer text messages, and as far as 70% said that they would prefer it over other means of marketing.  

Eyeconic Marketing Solutions offers you a service that will make sure that you yield the most results for your investment. Some popular uses of this technique are usage of mobile coupons, being extremely useful when you face a slow day of marketing via other modes, sending daily check-ups and finally appraising the clients with daily specials.  We understand your needs and thereby deserve to be chosen by you for your marketing dreams.

Contact us now if you require any assistance is setting up text messages marketing for your brand as we offer a varied variety of options to choose from!

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