Top 10 Creative Logo Design Tips for Louisiana Startups

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Top 10 Creative Logo Design Tips for Louisiana Startups

What is the first thing that customers look at when observing a brand? To that end, what is it that makes a brand? While the answer is many diverse things, but you must know that one of the most significant aspects of one’s business is the logo that it curates for itself.

It is what distinguishes your brand from so many others that offer the same services or products. An interesting example of a very popular logo that has etched itself into our memories is the big yellow M sign. You know what we are talking about. Even if we don’t tell you the name of the brand you know we are talking about and that is McDonald’s. This is what a logo does for a business; it sets you apart from the crowd and your competitors. It is an indispensable part of your brand. This is also one of the most important branding investments that you as a business owner can make for your services or products.

In this post, we at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions, primarily functioning in the Baton Rouge area of LA want to help you by offering details on Top 10 Creative Logo Design Tips for your start-up. Keep reading on if you have any doubts about making an investment into a stunning logo for your business.

1. Simple is the best

You must understand that a simple logo always works the magic. This is because when you try to make a complicated design, it becomes difficult to get the message of your initiative across. Take the instances of Nike and Apple, their designs are simple and yet effective.

2. Plan for the long-term

It is a fact that trends are absolutely common in the industry of design. For instance, bright and metallic shades, minimalistic typography, etc. are currently the in-trend. However, you must not develop your brand logo based on these factors alone. Your brand design must be classic and able to survive the test of time in the competitive market.

3. Must reflect the nature of your business

When designing a brand logo, make sure that it is fully capable of portraying your initiative. The images and colors used in the logo must align with the business you run and the services or products you offer. It is when the logo aligns with your business that it will develop a brand identity for your company in the competitive market.

4. Use the right colors

One can never create a stunning logo without using accurate colors. This is because of the psychology of colors which influences how your potential demographic response to your business logo. Like for instance, if you wish to create a logo that demonstrates energy and enthusiasm, then red would be an ideal choice. Similarly, if you wish that your logo demonstrates security and trust, then we recommend blue. As a start-up, you must understand the color shades for logos well and be very precise about the type of vibe you wish to offer with your logo.

5. Be novel

You must know that you are free to draw inspiration for other well-known logos on the Internet. However, you must not replicate the designs in their entirety. Instead, you must make an effort to give it more thought and make it as original as possible.

6. Choose your fonts smartly

Most designers never pay attention to the choice of fonts and pick them randomly. The fact is that these fonts speak about the personality of the brand. For instance, a font used for a toy company’s logo will most likely be a handwritten font. The reason behind this is that the target market here is the children and handwritten fonts portray the business to be a child-friendly one.  

Always make sure that there is no mismatch between the fonts you use and your brand personality. If the choice of font does not speak for your brand, the logo will definitely indicate wrong signals to potential clients.

7. Develop a balance in your design

One must follow a balanced approach when designing a logo for a business. It is a fact that too much of either the graphic or text in the logo can damage the overall impression. We recommend not going overboard and striking a balance as per the understanding. You must incorporate an accurate percentage of text composition as well as graphical appeal to the logo.   

8. Pay attention to the letter spacing

Most amateur logo designers forget to pay focus to letter spacing. There must be adequate spacing so that the potential clients can easily understand your initiative and not leave confused.

9. Let go for the clichés

If you desire to make a lasting impression on your potential customers, then make sure to avoid the cliché design elements like stick figures or bubbles for communication. Instead, make an effort to come up with innovative ideas and concepts to grab more audience.

10. Accurate use of Black & White

Black and White are the most vital colors that leave an impression right after the color Red. Incorporating them into your logo can definitely be a positive step. Since these shades are about expertise and experience, a logo combined with these colors lets out a feeling that the business is being operated and handled by professionals who are either subject-matter professionals or established hoarders of talent in the relevant area.

We at Eyeconic always recommend that one must have a visionary approach when beginning with the mind map of the start-up’s logo.

What do we design?

We at Eyeconic offer you our services with the motto “More power to your brand”. Keeping that idea in mind we will now outline the services that we shall offer to you in case you decide to choose us for your business. Here is what we provide:

1. Marketing Material Design: While we recognize the need for employing the use of traditional marketing techniques we would like to inform you that at the same time it is of utmost importance that you invest into digital marketing and for the same reason we offer your marketing material design for your webpage and digital ads.

2. Stationery Design: You must’ve seen that during the beginning of the year many successful business owners send personalized stationery with logos of their brands. We offer these services at Eyeconic Digital Marketing Solutions in Baton Rouge.  

3. Logo Design: For every business or organization it is essential that your service or product is recognizable via a logo. This should be something easy and simple to remember. The bottom line is that it must be catchy.

4. Brochure Design: Nowadays, it is very essential that you have a complete brochure detailing your products and services. This will help give your potential clients a birds’ eye view of your services and thus a brochure is something you must make if you want your clientele to widen.

Apart from the above services we at Eyeconic Digital Marketing Solutions also offer some of the services as outlined below in the Baton Rouge area as well as outside:

– Brand Story Videos

– Product Labels

– Address Labels

– Business Cards

– Letterheads

– Event Announcements and invitations

– Social media banners

– Ad graphics

– Promotional videos

If you’re a brand-new start-up starting in Louisiana and need some creative logo designs, then we at Eyeconic are absolutely up to help you out anytime you want.

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