5 Tips to Create a Stunning Logo for Your Baton Rouge Company

June 5, 2020, 0 Comments

How to Create a Stunning Logo for Your Baton Rouge Company

What is the first thing that gravitates one towards a brand? To that end, what is it that makes a brand? While the answer is many different things, but you must know that one of the most important aspects of one’s business is the logo. It is what distinguishes your brand from so many that offers the same services or product. An interesting example of a very popular logo that has etched itself into our memories is the big yellow M sign. You know what we are talking about. Even if we don’t tell you the name of the brand you know we are talking about and that is McDonald’s. This is what a logo does for a business; it sets you apart from the crowd and your competitors. It is an essential part of your brand. This is also one of the most important branding investments that you as a business owner can make for your services or products.

In this post we at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions, primarily functioning in the Baton Rouge area of LA want to make sure that you have all the information about logos and their importance. Keep reading on if you have any doubts about making an investment into a stunning logo for your Baton Rouge business.

Why is a Logo essential?

You must know that a logo acts as the face of your business. It is something that makes sure that your brand can be noticed from the crowd that today plagues the internet. With so many options available it becomes very important that you distinguish yourself from your competitors. A logo will do just that. It serves as a point of recognition for your prospective client. Along with the above benefits, a logo also serves as an important foundational step towards creating an identity for your brand. A well curated logo is ultimately also a way of conveying your potential audience what you offer as it will show your dedication as a business owner towards your Baton Rouge brand. It makes your business appear solid, professional, trustworthy and inspires confidence about the quality of the services and goods that you offer. Thus, you must recognize that if you own a business in Baton Rouge or for that matter, anywhere on the globe, you must have a distinctive, professional and eye-catching logo that catches the attention of your potential customers. Therefore, a logo is of utmost importance for a business and will surely make for a very sensible investment for you and your business.

What are the factors to consider when designing a logo for your Baton Rouge company?

Firstly, make sure that you make the logo after undertaking proper research as this process will be tedious. As we have already acquainted you with the benefits of making a logo, we also want to make sure that you consider all the relevant factors before you decide on one. So, when deciding upon a logo, make sure you consider the following things:

  1. Something that can be easily recognized
  2. A logo that can be rendered into many different media platforms easily
  3. Something that is associated with the spirit of your brand
  4. Must be size versatile meaning the same should look attractive whether it’s on a billboard or a letterhead
  5. Should be impactful against both black and white backgrounds
  6. Pay attention to every single detail of the logo
  7. Choose effective colours, shapes and fonts which are associated with your business
  8. The imagery must resonate with the idea and objective behind your brand
  9. Everything should look cohesive and consistent
  10. It must deliver the right message when a potential client sees it

Thus, whenever you curate the logo for your Baton Rouge business, you must combine the three aspects of logo design that are logo type, mark and combination together to make sure that your logo stands apart.

Now comes the part on how we at Eyeconic Marketing Solutions can help you if you have a business in Baton Rouge or for that matter, even outside it. We offer marketing services that will allow you to create the best logo for yourself. The next part of this blog will acquaint you with our logo and brand design services in Baton Rouge.

What do we design?

We at Eyeconic offer you our services with the motto “We put eyes on your business”. Here is what we specifically provide:

  1. Marketing Material Design: While we recognize the need for employing the use of traditional marketing techniques, we would like to inform you that simultaneously, it is of utmost importance that you invest into digital marketing, and for the same reason we offer marketing material design services for your webpage and digital ads.
  2. Stationery Design: You must’ve seen that during the beginning of the year many successful business owners send personalized stationery with logos of their brands. We offer these services at Eyeconic Digital Marketing Solutions in Baton Rouge.  
  3. Logo Design: For every business or organization, it is essential that your service or product is recognizable via a logo. This should be something easy and simple to remember. The bottom line is that it must be catchy.
  4. Brochure Design: Nowadays, you must have a complete brochure detailing your products and services. This will help give your potential clients a birds’ eye view of your services and thus a brochure is something you must make if you want your clientele to widen.

Apart from the above services, we at Eyeconic Digital Marketing Solutions also offer more services as outlined below in the Baton Rouge area as well as outside:

  • Brand Story Videos
  • Product Labels
  • Address Labels
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Event Announcements and invitations
  • Social media banners
  • Ad graphics
  • Promotional videos

Choose us if you are looking for a stunning logo for your Baton Rouge company! Being a local business here, we understand the area well and can help you make your business a success!

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